Erasmus Exchange 2018


Project: Theatre as a Tool to Share Values

Dates: Between the 2nd and the 15th of May 2018 in Valdepiélagos

Stichting Ecodorpen Netwerk. Red Ecovillages in the Netherlands (Manouk)

Regain Asssociation. Community of the Ark La Borie Noble. France (Veronica)

Anadolu Universitesi. Turkia

RIVE Ecovillage Network of Italy (Nicoletta)

International project organized by different organizations involved in sustainability and ecovillage lifestyle. The project aims to bring together young people from different regions of Europe by organizing different Youth Exchanges in different ecovillages and farms funded
by Erasmus+.

Coordinates: As. Cult. Teatro Sol y Tierra. Ecoaldea Valdepiélagos. Spain

In the Ecobarrio de Valdepiélagos, a project that was born in 1995, but it was not until 2008 that they began to live in him the cooperativists. It is located in the north of the Community of Madrid, in the Jarama Valley, on the outskirts of the town of the same name.
Around 60 people live there building a collaborative space based on the balance between the common and the private, and respecting the commitment of each person with our Planet.
This Erasmus youth exchange is coordinated by the Teatro Sol y Tierra Cultural Association, which has its headquarters in the Ecohousing.
You can find more information about the rest of the initiatives;

Yoga Center, Grooming Garden, etc.

Theater play Planet Earth with actors Victor junior and Alvaro, who will be theater monitors and fire jugglers in the exchange

Supports: The European Erasmus + Youth Mobility program co-finances accommodation, meals, trips and activities.
Age; between 18 and 30 years
Nationality; French, Italian, Dutch, Turkish or Spanish.
Young people from Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish University Ecovillages will come.
Language; Basic English. Spanish and French can also be used, but the activities will be in English.

Foods; Vegan and vegetarian, for the most part organic foods and when possible local. In free buffet.

                                             Meeting of Ecovillages in the Ecohousing


Practical activities such as:

Creation of a play that will be performed on the last day
Orchard in Permaculture
Ecospace maintenance
Vegan and Ovolactovegetarian cuisine
Nonviolent Communication
Fire juggling workshops
Music Laboratory.
Dances of the World
Workshops on Interculturality and self-development
Exploration time in groups

Number of people: 20 young people and five coordinators

Candidatures: If you are interested please send an email to Clara, or Víctor,, only for Spanish candidates, for young Italians, Turks, Dutch and French the selection is made by collaborating organizations.

The participants do not have to pay anything, but they must commit themselves to have a constructive attitude according to the values of the Treaties of the European Community; solidarity, pluralism, tolerance, justice, equality between men and women and non-discrimination based on religion, race, culture or sexual orientation.


                                               Meeting of Ecovillages in the Ecohousing

Volunteers at the Ecohousing, Harry from England, Esther from France, Victor the coordinator and Michele from Italy

Videos about the project

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